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Consumer Products

Korntex is a high-profile brand in Europe. Therefore, Korntex products also enjoy strong consumer demand. The Korntex leisure items range from Hi-Vis items for school, through clothing for joggers and cyclists, rain ponchos for the event and open-air range, up to headwear and pet accessories.

The distribution of our leisure goods is usually carried out by authorized wholesalers in the field of promotional textiles and leisure clothing as well as retail chains and online retailers in the eCommerce sector. Due to these distribution structures, many of our items are delivered in retail sales packaging, such as blister packaging with euro punching. At Korntex, every single storage unit (SKU) is equipped with an individual EAN code to ensure smooth logistical processing and to meet the high logistical requirements of the retail and eCommerce sector.

As a participant in the dual system for packaging disposal, we do not only attach great importance to the reduction of packaging waste, but also take financial account for the preservation of our environment and the possibility of packaging already used in the recycling circuit.

Private end customers particularly appreciate Korntex products for their modern design, colour diversity, wide range of sizes and high-quality workmanship. A large number of certifications emphasize the promise of quality and the positive perception of the Korntex brand among consumers.

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