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Korntex® on course of growth

Korntex® is an international leader in high-visibility workwear. In many European countries Korntex® is already the market leader in safety vests. Much of the marketing activities of the Korntex® group aims to our own brand products in the area of safety vest. These products are responsible for over 70% of the company's growth

Since 2007 Korntex® has surpassed many market companions in growth and profitability. Over the past 5 years, sales increased by an average 30% per year. The development of the Korntex® group has shown that investments in the past have paid off quickly.

The need for safety vests is growing steadily

The largest market for safety vests is the automotive market. There are about 300 million registered vehicles in Europe. In addition, there are approximately 12 million new registrations annually. A market that has the constant need for new safety vests.

Additionally there is a further need for safety vests from the industry, from nearly 500 European airports, countless construction sites, kindergardens, schools, fire and police departments and from the event sector.

Safety vests are therefore used daily in many areas. The market is huge - but also highly competitive! Korntex® has been able to establish itself within this competitive market for over ten years and expresses strong relationships with customers and suppliers. Korntex® is ideally positioned in the market with its own safety vest.

Korntex® is growing strong - grow with us!
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