News from Korntex®

Mai 2018 – New Privacy Policy
In compliance with the new European General Data Protection Regulation we updated our privacy policy guidelines to show our customers when, how and for what reason we are collecting and processing their data. All relevant information can be found under the section Privacy Policy. If you have questions about this topic please use Contact to send us your inquiry.

November 2017 – First Korntex Jacket in our portfolio
Winter is coming! And Korntex is launching its first Jacket portfolio with the Hi-Viz Leightweight Jacket, Art. KXLWJ. This light jacket can be worn over the regular workwear and offers an outstanding amount of safety which is confirmed by a Class 3 certification of the norm EN ISO 20471. This light high-visibility jacket is available in the sizes S and 3XL and in the colours yellow and orange. You find this new article on page 24 of our new 2018 catalogue

January 2015 Dismissal of Direct Sales
In connection with the establishment of Korntex Deutschland GmbH, we have hut down direct sales to endcustomers and industry customers. These groups of customers can buy our goods at one of our resellers.

December 2014 Establishing the Korntex Deutschland GmbH
The Korntex Germany GmbH wants to strengthen the reseller and thus focuses on purchase transactions with them. This provides a better customer contact and better support can be guaranteed.
The head office if Korntex Deutschland GmbH is in Stuttgart. Here the Korntex Deutschland has its own office space, in which a large sales team specializes in supporting resellers.

November 2014 Establishing the Korntex Suisse AG
We are proud to announce that we are now able to support our Swiss customers via our subsidiary Korntex Suisee AG. This considerably simplifies and speeds up the buying process for our Swiss customer.
The Suisse AG has its own dedicated sales team in Switzerland. The company headquarters and warehouses are situated in the canton of Aargau. After nearly ten years exporting to Switzerland, this was a logical consequence.

October 2014 New Product Range 2015: Warnsacs, vests for women, vests for dogs, Q-series
Recently, we came up with some great innovations in the field of high visibility clothing. Fortunately, we ware able to implement some of these ideas and present you our new products.

  • Warnsac® Shopping Bag: Shopping bags made of 100% Polyester in 9 bright colours with two relective strips. The world's first reflective shopping bag can brighten up your daily life: whether it is a fair appearance or the way to the nearest supermarket.
  • Safety vests for women: Certified safety vests in yellow and orange to emphasize the female figure. With this vest, women can finally fell feminine in a safety vest
  • Safety vests for dogs : The safety vests for small, medium and large dogs. Our new dog vests will make your little sweetheart the shining star of its territory
  • Q-Series: Vests made out of airy mesh material in five different colours. The Summer is coming and with our new vests made out of mesh material working on warm days will be at least bearable.

September 2014: New Homepage
Relaunch of the Korntex®-Homepage. We shine with a new design adapted to today's standards.