At Korntex® we want to make sure to offer the right product to every single customer. There are different quality classes in many areas. Sometimes the price is all-important, but quiet often it is the quality that decides whether a product is suitable or not.

Selection of Suitable Suppliers

The most important guarantor of quality is a careful selection of suppliers. Only if we can buy high-quality fabric and relective material we can promise you a high-quality end-product. Therefore, we worked with reputable companies for many years.


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First-class Manufacturing

Our production is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. We have experienced staff being reliable for the production of our goods. Not only our seamstresses are eager to work carefully and accurately, but also the entire staff team along the safety vest production line is. The quality of our products is strictly controlled in several stages of the production. Therefore we can assure that only high-quality goods leave our factory.

Exactly Planned Logistics

Quality does not only mean to produce high-end products but also to be able to deliver the required quantity at the right time. This is ensured by our well-trained logistics professionals.

Trusting Custumor Support

Our staff is dedicated to advise you as well as possible. We always judge quality from the customer's point of view. Only when our customer is happy we can truly be happy. That is why we strive every day wo fulfil your wishes.