About us

About Us

Korntex® specializes in the production of workwear. In Germany Korntex® is already the market leader for safety vests. The goal is to be the number 1 worldwide.

Our extensive product range offers a wide selection of safety vests, safety jackets and other workwear in different colours, sizes and qualities. Individual private label productions complete our offer as a manufacturer. We are producing our safety vests mainly in the People's Republic of China and supply almost all regions of the world. Mainly Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America. A well-coordinated logistics allows a punctual delivery at an affordable price. Customers worldwide benefit from these advantages.

Our experienced staff, advanced production equipment and strong partners enable us to provide quality reliably and punctually.

To deliver the best quality at the right time has been our maxim for over 10 years.

The Korntex® Philosophy

Velocity , efficiency and quality are the core principles of our corporate culture.

is being ensured mainly due to a high availability of our goods. Our supply chain management system ensures that production quantities are tailored to the needs of our corporate customers. Just-in-time deliveries and third-party deals not only shorten the delivery time but also save you money.

The efficiency of our staff is regularly checked and trained. Doing "the right things" and "doing things right" are two sides of the same coin. Well-coordinated workflows are the basis for a smooth and slim order processing.

We produce our safety vests, according to the standards ISO20471 , EN13356 , EN471 , EN1150 , EN340 and EN533. Our production plant is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and meets the highest quality standards. • Inspecting incoming raw materials is as important to us as regular quality checks during the production cycle. Only someone who produces safety vests himself is able to unfluence the implementation of quality standards.

Korntex® Global Benefits - Global Responsibility

Korntex® is one of the most successful companies in the field of safety vests and has set itself the goal to become the world's number 1

Obviously, the growth of the company goes hand in hand with the responsibily we have ethically and socially. Korntex® will fulfill this role by prohibiting child labour, creating decent working conditions and fair salaries. Our management places great emphasis on sustainability since we believe that global benefits go hand in hand with global responsibility.